Do you have a ‘traditional’ breakroom? The one with outdated vending machines stocked with dried out (expired) candy bars that function more like a slot machine? Will it take the money? Will they receive their candy bar? How many times do you have to bang the side before that bag of chips falls down to the door?

How’s the company coffee? Is it a home style pot with a thick crust of burnt coffee on the bottom?

If so, it’s time to ReFresh your company culture.

ReFresh can bring clean, modern and healthy options to meet the needs and wants of your employees. Those with special dietary requirements or improving their food choices will appreciate the ReFresh approach. At least 20% of the vending products are healthy options in our reliable “state-of-the-art” vending machines with hassle-free transactions including credit card and alternative cashless payment methods. We promise our customers that they will get the product they want from our machines so no one leaves empty-handed. No more requests for refunds because the machine ate someone’s dollar.

We also offer stocking options for companies that provide snacks and beverages at no charge to their employees.

Our coffee and water services keep everyone energized and hydrated. Our ReFresh focus ensures that products are fresh and clean with enough variety to please even the most eclectic mix of personnel.

Cleaner, brighter and healthier options in the breakroom is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase employee morale and productivity throughout the company. It happens – we see it every day.

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