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If you are in Hammond, IN and in need of vending services, look no further. 

The Convenience Services Group offers custom snack and beverage options that can be tailored to any setting or audience. 

Our experienced staff will take the time to understand each location’s needs and tailor the proper service plan. Fast installation times ensure minimal disruption and satisfaction guaranteed!

When you need a fresh start to your business vending, give us a call.  We will be happy to set up a perfect solution for you.

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Offering unbeatable quality and attentive service, the Convenience Service Group is a family-owned vending business that puts customer satisfaction first.

From fresh products to attractive machines kept in perfect condition, this local company provides an all-around exceptional experience!


Our Hammond, IN Vending Services

Vending Services

An office vending service provides convenient access to snacks, drinks and other items employees can take when they leave the office. 

These services can save time and money by reducing the need to purchase food and beverages from outside sources. 

They also help reduce costs associated with staff turnover, as employees will be more satisfied with their employment.

If you are interested in exploring the benefits of Hammond vending services for your business, take a look at the services offered by the Convenience Services Group.  We are reliable and provide high-quality service at reasonable prices.

Coffee Service

An office coffee service is a convenient and cost-effective alternative to buying coffee for the workplace. 

It provides employees with high-quality beverages at lower prices than one would find in stores. 

Plus, an office coffee service eliminates unnecessary trips to the store and long lines at coffee shops. 

Offices can choose between single serving coffee machines, grinders, smart coffee makers and even subscription services that restock consumables automatically. 

This allows staff to quickly get their favorite drinks whenever they need them during the working hours — making sure everyone’s productivity never drops due to lack of caffeine!

Micro-Market Service

An office micro market is a convenient, self-service food and beverage retail outlet found in modern offices. 

Unlike traditional canteens, micro markets provide customers with an expanded choice of products including freshly prepared sandwiches and salads, snacks, health foods and convenience items. 

Employees can browse the shelves for items of their choice before making payment via pre-loaded cards or other electronic payment systems. 

With no lines and easy to follow self-checkouts, office micro markets are revolutionizing traditional workplace dining experiences.

Superior Vending Services

Summit Vending is Northwest Indiana’s premier vending service brand! We are your vending partner aiming to inspire a productive company culture! Our services can help you track employee habits, introduce new products from suppliers exclusive to preferred vendors. We can also help you build an employee wellness program focused on a healthy diet and fresh foods!

Full Service Vending Solutions

  • Delivery, installation & vending equipment is provided at absolutely
  • ZERO cost to your location
  • Machines work with both cash and cashless payment systems
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Benefits Of A Coffee Service

For a good reason, coffee is one of the most popular drinks on the planet. It provides various health benefits, including improved mental clarity and focus. Additionally; coffee can help you lose weight by helping you burn calories.

But what about when you don’t have time to make your coffee at home? Or when you don’t feel like brewing a cup? Plenty of options available today will let you enjoy all the benefits of coffee without resorting to the second best.

The Convenience Of Having A Coffee Service In The Office

Coffee service in the office can be a great way to increase productivity and reduce caffeine addiction. 

Coffee services typically offer a variety of flavors, such as regular, decaf, iced or French; so it’s easy to find something that suits everyone’s taste. 

This can save employees time and energy in figuring out what they want to drink. Overall; having a coffee service in the office can benefit businesses of all sizes.

Cost Savings That Can Be Achieved Through Bulk Coffee Purchases

Many businesses find that bulk coffee purchases are a cost-effective way to reduce their overall expenses. By purchasing coffee in bulk businesses can save on the costs associated with packaging, transportation and storage. 

Businesses can also reduce the amount of waste that is created through overconsumption. 

Relying on an experienced coffee service like the Convenience Services Group can be a great way for organizations to reduce their overall office coffee expenses.

A Coffee Service Offers a Variety Of Options

Every workplace has its own unique environment and culture, so it’s important to cater to the needs of its employees. 

Thanks to modern innovation, coffee services are able to provide a variety of options that are perfect for any office. 

From different types of pre-packaged coffee grounds to full-service professional baristas, businesses now have access to a wide array of choices when it comes to their morning fuel. 

Moreover, these services make it easy to accommodate special needs like organic or flavored coffees since they allow customers to pick and choose their ideal brew in order to start their day off right.

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Benefits Of A Vending Service

A vending service can do wonders for businesses, providing a convenient and cost-efficient way to stock office break rooms with snacks and drinks. 

As well as providing employees with convenient access to snacks and drinks, they also reduce time spent sourcing and managing product ordering, significantly reducing overhead loads in the workplace. 

A vending machine also gives employees access to healthier options like fresh fruit, nuts or yogurt – something not always available from delivery services. 

As a bonus, employers who install a vending machine generally see an increase in employee loyalty which may yield improved staff retention rates and overall satisfaction. In short, the benefits of having a vending service far outweigh the costs associated with its installation.

The Convenience Of 24/7 Access To Snacks, Drinks And Other Items Through Vending Machines

Hammond, IN Vending Services, offers an easy and convenient way to buy snacks, drinks and other items. With vending machines at your disposal, you can access them anytime, anywhere. 

The service is perfect for businesses or events that need a quick and easy way to provide snacks and drinks to their employees or customers. 

Whether hosting a party or running a business, Hammond, IN vending services from the Convenience Services Group is a reliable and affordable option for vending machine needs

Cost Savings Are Achieved Through Not Having To Hire Additional Staff For A Traditional Store Or Cafeteria

A vending service can provide many benefits, including cost savings. Vending services typically require less staff than a traditional store or cafeteria, saving you money in wages and benefits. 

Another benefit of using a vending service is flexibility and convenience. They can be more accommodating to your business needs, such as customizing the menu or hours of operation. 

Overall; a vending service can help save you money while improving customer service and efficiency at your business.

A Variety Of Products Available Through Vending Machines

A vending service provides a variety of products at a low cost for different types of snacks, drinks, personal care items and electronics.. 

This allows you to focus on selling instead of preparing and serving food. A vending service is a convenient and affordable way to sell food at your business.

  • Snacks

These machines offer a variety of snacks, including many items that are great for satisfying hunger cravings. Here are seven of our favorite products;

  • Snickers Bar 
  • Clif Bars 
  • Pop-Tarts 
  • Sun Chips 
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups 
  • Planters Trail Mix

These snacks will satisfy any craving and they’re also good for your health. Snacks like these contain minimal sugar and calories, so they’re ideal if you’re looking to curb your appetite or reduce calorie intake.

  • Drinks

There are a variety of products that are purchased through vending machines, including drinks. Not only do these machines make it easy to grab an on-the-go beverage, but they also provide a convenient way to get healthy and nutritious snacks. Here are some of the most popular drinks available through vending machines:

  • Water
  • Milk
  • Carbonated Drinks
  • Juice and Plant Drinks

  • Healthy Snack Items

Companies wishing to offer healthy snack items for their employees in vending machines now have a variety of options available. 

From granola bars and trail mix to dried fruit and peanut butter, there are more than enough choices to satisfy everyone’s dietary preferences. 

By replacing traditional vending machine offerings with healthier snacks, organizations are encouraging their employees to make better nutritional decisions, ultimately leading to improved overall health. 

Plus, introducing a range of healthy snacks demonstrates the company’s dedication to providing employee wellbeing. 

Benefits Of A Micro Market Service

Micro markets provide businesses, employees, and customers with an array of benefits. 

For employers, micro markets are convenient and reliable – they are easy to install, have a minimal need for maintenance, and require minimal staff time to maintain. 

Employees gain access to a much larger variety of snacks, drinks, and meals – all prevented in one easy-to-reach location. 

Customers benefit from the convenience that the self-checkout kiosks provide; they no longer need to wait in line at the cafeteria or store! 

Micro markets boost customer morale, as they promote healthier eating options and traditional favorites that can be enjoyed without waiting in long lines. 

The Convenience of Micro Market

The convenience of a micro market is unparalleled; it offers an accessible, 24/7 shopping experience in any number of convenient locations. 

From workplaces and airports to schools and universities, customers can shop for their favorite snacks, beverages or meals quickly and easily, without waiting in line. 

Micro markets all feature modern technology, such as self-checkout kiosks and cashless payments that make the shopping process seamless. 

This opportunity to access food whenever necessary greatly increases customer satisfaction, making them more likely to return to the same store again and again.

Micro Market Cost Savings

Cost savings within the micro market setting are becoming increasingly popular as companies seek to maximize efficiency while avoiding costly expenses. 

With innovative technology, companies can now monitor stock levels, expiration dates and even customer traffic, which further aids in cutting costs that would otherwise be unavoidable. 

Additionally, it has been found that micro markets also allow businesses to save on additional services such as energy consumption and theft prevention. 

This presents an ideal opportunity for businesses of all sizes across multiple industries to control their costs and make other investments that may have otherwise been out of reach.

A Wide Variety Of Products Available Through Micro Markets

Micro markets offer customers an incredible selection of products to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a snack or a complete meal, you can find just what you need in a micro market. 

Beverages, ice cream treats, fresh sandwiches and salads, as well as items ranging from basic staples like chips and candy to more premium products like gourmet cheeses, are all accessible within these convenient small stores located right within your workspace. 

Shopping at a micro market is easy and efficient, with additional features like self-checkout kiosks to make getting what you need even quicker. 

With the range of brands and quality food items available in these up-to-date convenience stores, customers can satisfy their cravings – whether it’s an afternoon break or a full lunch – while shopping safely in an accessible space.

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The Convenience Services Group has set itself apart as one of the leading providers in Northwest Indiana vending services. 

Utilizing innovative technology and an experienced team, we are trusted to keep our clients’ locations supplied with premier products that always reflect their diversity and needs. 

Our extensive selection and highly reliable customer service ensure your locations will always be well-stocked, no matter what the industry or size. 

We take pride in delivering superior vending experiences so that your space is fully equipped for any organization or company. 


By partnering with the Convenience Services Group, you can trust that we will provide great results with exceptional value.


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